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Whether you are a start-up with limited experience in the lodging sector

 or part of a large organization staffed by experienced executives and specialists in the hotel industry,

 Berins & Co., LLC adds value to almost any challenge you are facing.  We are certainly not smarter than you or your team.

We definitely are not as familiar with the subject hotel(s).

Why then does adding Berins & Co., LLC to your team add value?  Here’s why.


n.  dealing with facts without distortion 

The most important ingredient we add is objectivity.  In every business challenge faced by hotel industry participants, every stakeholder is motivated by their own interests.  Whether its an acquisition, new development, management or brand change, an objective review by professionals without skin in the game is essential.


n. not looking to others for one’s opinions or guidance

We guard our independence fiercely, and that adds value for you.  We are beholden to no one and never agree to engagements in which our compensation is dependent on the outcome of the situation.    You may not agree with our findings, recommendations, projections, valuations or strategtic advice.  But you will know that we are presenting all the facts, good or bad, and have no bias that influences our conclusions.


n. practical contact with and observation of facts or events


n. the ability to do something successfully or efficiently

We’ve “been there, done that” and know many ways to solve challenges, not just those in vogue this year.  The industry has changed completely since we started out but we stay up to speed.  Yes, there are details of processes, formulas, algorithms and financial structuring that call for the expertise of specialists.  We know who they are and add them to our team when needed.  

Since we work on many different hotels we have the opportunity to learn alternative ways to do things. And, for most issues, there is more than one way.  While maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ intellectual property, we get to observe and study best practices of many of the smartest people in the industry.


n. the quality of being open and honest in expression


n. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

We are respected for our candor and the honesty on which it is founded.  We won’t tell you just what you want to hear or be timid about disagreeing with you.  Some others might, but  is that a risk worth taking?  We are not in the business of killing deals but we are in the business of speaking up if we think the client needs to adjust their strategy, do more work, or change horses.

Lastly, over the years we have developed a reputation for integrity.  It is our most valuable asset and we are so grateful to the clients (and often opponents at the bargaining table or deposition) who get it.  The five things above are our stock in trade.  Sticking to these core principles is what makes our advice valuable to our clients. 

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