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The day to day pressures of marketing and operating a hotel in today’s competitive environment make it very difficult for management to step back, see the large picture, or ask themselves, “why do we do this that way?”

Often, a fresh set of eyes of experienced hoteliers can benefit both the management team and the owner of the hotel.

Using our hands-on experience in operations, design, development and ownership, Berins & Co., LLC has developed a structured process for assessing possibilities for revenue gains or expense reductions in an efficient, timely manner. We call this evaluation a Wellness Checkup. As noted under Asset Management Services, we do not rely on benchmarking against other hotels unless they are essentially identical to the subject.

  • A Wellness Checkup by Berins & Co., LLC is meant to diagnose and identify opportunities for improvement.  It is not intended to lay out detailed processes, programs, training or other “cures.”  In most cases, once an opportunity is defined, because of David’s role as a Founder of ISHC, we are able to help the client identify and bring in experts in a given field, such as Revenue Management, Technology, Labor Cost Control or Online Marketing to implement improved systems and procedures. We then oversee or coordinate those remedial actions as requested by the client.

  • Among the areas we review are:

    • Organization & management structure

    • Service delivery processes and quality assurance

    • Rooms revenue management processes & controls

    • Food & beverage revenue controls

    • Human resources practices and programs

    • Labor productivity and cost controls

    • Labor scheduling processes

    • Reservations processes

    • Internet and social media processes and programs

    • Customer loyalty programs​

    • Sales management

    • Food & beverage cost of goods controls & processes

    • Maintenance & engineering processes & programs

    • Management information systems

    • CapEx processes and controls

    • Purchasing & receiving

    • Security and risk management

    • CapEx processes and controls

    • Storage & inventory controls

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