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For developers with limited hotel experience or veteran hotel developers who do not maintain a full-time team, we offer a range of Development Services that can take a project from an idea all the way to an operating new hotel and beyond. Starting with a market study as described in Acquisition Services, we use our research to either support the vision of the developer or drive recommendations for changes to increase financial viability or reduce risks. Often we are asked to evaluate more than one potential site and help choose the best option.

  • Our goal is to make sure that the strategic vision for the hotel, the recommended number, size and mix of guest rooms; restaurant & bar concepts and sizes, function space and amenities are driven by market research rather than fields of dreams or brand dictates.  Many developers believe that aligning with a brand is an important early step.  We respectfully disagree.  Postponing those discussions until after the independent market study broadens the developer’s options, matches the product to the market, and increases the developer’s credibility and leverage in negotiations with appropriate potential brands and operators.

  • Following the market study, our Development Services can include:  

    • Preparation of preliminary development budget

    • Identification and selection of the design team including project manager, architect, interior designers, engineers and all specialist consultants

    • Refinement of the program of facilities, services and amenities with the design team

    • Approval of initial conceptual plans and validation of order-of-magnitude project budget

    • Identification of potential operators and brands based on the market research

    • Management of RFP or similar selection process for operator and brand followed by selection of both

    • Identification of experienced hotel counsel and assistance in negotiation of ground lease, license, joint venture and management agreements 

    • Review and approval of any revisions to programming, conceptual plans and project budget requested by operator and/or brand

    • Oversight of technical services provided by the operator

    • Attendance at all design review meetings, video conferences, review of model rooms, conference calls, and approval of all schematic and design development drawings, interior design presentations and boards, specifications, selections of furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E), technology and OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment)

    • Reviewing and approving the specifications, sources, suppliers and purchasing of FF&E and OS&E

    • Oversight and monitoring of pre-opening operations, training and marketing activities, budgets, plans and services provided by operator

    • Management of the relationship between owner and operator throughout the design, construction, pre-opening and operating phases

    • Co-ordination with the project manager on regular reports to the Developer regarding entitlement & permitting, change orders, construction management, costs against budget, purchasing and related issues.

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